Psychoeducational Assessment

A psychoeducational assessment is a standardised assessment used to measure a student’s cognitive and/or academic ability. Commonly, assessments are used to determine a student’s academic strengths and weaknesses.

A psychoeducational assessment can be used to identify a learning disorder such as Dyslexia, or Dyscalculia. A psychoeducational assessment can also be used to identify advanced ability such as Giftedness. 

Psychoeducational assessments provide relevant and important information for the family and school staff to best support the student with their learning. 

Developmental / Intellectual Disability Assessment

Assessments for Intellectual Disability are conducted to determine an individual’s cognitive ability and daily living skills. Standardised assessments are used to identify cognitive or intellectual ability and daily living skills, across a wide range of abilities.

Cognitive Assessment

A cognitive assessment aims to provide information regarding an individual’s cognitive ability through the administration of a standardised test. These assessments can be conducted with children through to adults.